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The Community Fund

The Community Fund monitors the BET Community to determine which services are most needed and provides grant funding and administrative support to the social service agencies and community programs that meet the various essential needs of the BET Community.



Education & Prevention

WESTCOP / Eastchester Community Action Partnership (ECAP)
Provides community services to low-income families, such as a food pantry, after-school programs, summer activities for children, and emergency support. CF dollars fund the Youth Director‘s salary as well as the after-school and summer youth programs and activities.

The Eastchester Teen Scene
Offers a series of organized programs throughout the year, including school breaks and summer months to Bronxville, Eastchester and Tuckahoe youth in grades 7-9. Offered through the Eastchester Department of Parks and Recreation, the programs are geared to provide fun, safe, age-appropriate activities for teens. CF dollars provide general program support and offer membership fee subsidies for families who qualify. www.eastchester.org/departments/recreation

Family Services of Westchester Youth Council
Provides teens with leadership and advocacy training in preparation to work with local governments, task forces and community based agencies by empowering them to become active “voices” for youth issues throughout Westchester County. CF dollars are used to support youth membership from the BET community. www.fsw.org

Tuckahoe Police Youth Initiatives
CF dollars fund these innovative series of events and programs that positively impact the lives of young people and foster positive youth/police officer relationships. Programs include: “Cops for Kids” Softball Game; “Run for Your Life” Police/Youth Road Race, “National Night Out Against Crime”, “Safe Riders Day” and the “Law Enforcement Explorers Program”. Tuckahoe Police Department / 961-4800

The Bereavement Center of Westchester

Provides support for children and adults in the community who have had a death in their lives through individual counseling and peer support groups. CF dollars help sponsor the Bronxville Tree House Program – a program for children between the ages of four and eighteen whose parent or sibling has died, and their surviving parent(s) or guardian(s). www.thebereavementcenter.org

The Maxwell Institute

Provides assessment, intervention, and outpatient chemical dependency treatment  and recovery support for those fighting substance abuse.   It also offers alcohol and substance abuse education and prevention programs to families, schools, community groups and professionals. CF dollars provide fee subsidies for treatment services to BET residents in need.  www.stvincentswestchester.org/themaxwellinstitute.html

South East Consortium for Special Services

Offers therapeutic recreational programs, leisure experiences, and respite opportunities for youth, teens and adults with disabilities and special needs. The programs are geared to enhance the individual physically, emotionally, culturally and socially, by offering opportunities to interact with others while engaging in community based activities. CF dollars support BET residents through the after school programs at Bronxville High School, the Cottle School, Eastchester Middle School and the Pathways School in Eastchester. www.secrec.org

Legal Services of the Hudson Valley

Legal Services of the Hudson Valley provides free, high-quality civil legal services to poor and low-income individuals and families in Westchester, Putnam, Rockland, Dutchess, Orange, Sullivan and Ulster counties

Eastchester Senior Programs & Services

Provides a broad range of community-based support services designed to enable Bronxville, Eastchester and Tuckahoe seniors to remain in their own community, living independently for as long as possible. CF dollars support the weekly activity programs at senior centers at Lake Isle, Garth Road and Jackson Avenue. CF also funds medical and bus escorts, housecleaning services, the Shopping Chores & More Transportation Program and the Sundays at Concordia Lunch Program. www.eastchester.org/departments/senior_programs_and_services

Gramatan Village

Offers seniors access to a network of affordable services, transportation and home help, with the goal of helping them remain in their homes safely and confidently as they age. CF dollars provide membership fee subsidies to BET residents who qualify. www.gramatanvillage.org

The Senior Citizens Council

Offers programs to prevent isolation in seniors residing in Bronxville, Bronxville 10708, and Tuckahoe. CF dollars help pay for exercise, cultural and educational programs at its Bronxville and Tuckahoe centers.  www.scc70.org

Eastchester Volunteer Ambulance Corps (EVAC)

EVAC is the primary ambulance provider to residents in the Town of Eastchester and the Villages of Bronxville and Tuckahoe providing care that meets or exceeds national standards, using both salaried Paramedics and volunteer EMT staff. CF dollars are accrued each year to be used toward the purchase of a new ambulance every three years to maintain its fleet of three. www.eastchesterems.com

The Cancer Support Team, Inc.

Offers a comprehensive program of free services at any stage of the disease for cancer patients and their families living in lower Westchester including nursing, counseling, education, case mangement and other supportive services. CF dollars provide financial support for their work in the BET community. www.cancersupportteam.org

The Community Flu Shot Program at Lawrence Hospital Center

CF dollars provided the funding for this program which administered 700 vaccines in 2013 to residents of BET.


Concordia Conservatory

Concordia Conservatory is a diverse and inclusive community music school that inspires, instructs and enriches lives, with music instruction, education and performance serving children to seniors in Westchester and Fairfield Counties.

D.A.R.E. (Drug Abuse Resistance Education Program)

CF dollars fund this educational program focused on the prevention of drug, alcohol and substance abuse, freedom from violence, handling peer pressure and making overall good decisions in the Eastchester and Tuckahoe Schools. The educators are specially trained Police Officers, fostering the Police Officer–Youth relationship. Eastchester Police Department / 961-3464; Tuckahoe Police Department / 961-4800

The Maxwell Institute

Offers alcohol and substance abuse education and prevention programs to families, schools, community groups and professionals. It also provides assessment, intervention, and outpatient chemical dependency treatment  and recovery support for those fighting substance abuse. CF dollars fund the drug and substance abuse programs presented to BET schools, colleges and local community groups.

Tuckahoe Library

Library-provides access to information, books and multi media materials, programs, and cultural enrichment to a diverse Tuckahoe Community. CF dollars support after school and special programming for children and adults on a wide range of interests including early childhood enrichment, SAT Prep, and health and fitness.


The Community Fund of Bronxville Eastchester Tuckahoe Inc. welcomes all inquiries about our grants process.

Funding is determined by an Evaluation Committee and our Board of Directors after review of a number of factors including community needs, appropriateness of the service for Community Fund funding, the distribution of existing services, standards of performance of the agency, and financial need.

Community Fund Grants
Discretionary Grants

Our mission is to provide funding and support for agencies and programs serving the health education and welfare needs of residents in the villages of Bronxville and Tuckahoe, New York, the town of Eastchester, NY and areas located in the 10708 zip code (the “BET” Target Area).

Each year volunteers meet on-site with applicant agencies to conduct a thorough evaluation of the agency and the services provided, ensuring that they are meeting specific needs in the BET Community and comply with our funding criteria. We begin reviewing applications in February and make our final allocations in late May/early June of each year. Any social service agency or program serving the health, education and welfare needs of residents in the Villages of Bronxville and Tuckahoe, New York, the Town of Eastchester, New York, and areas located in the 10708 zip code (“the BET Target Area”) may apply for funds.

Application & Instructions

2024 Community Fund Grant Application Schedule:

Thursday January 11th (8:30am) – Annual agency meeting

Friday, January 12th – Grant applications due

Applicants meet with Community Fund Evaluators to review agency, process and proposed application/project.

Wednesday, April 10th , 6:30 PM – Agency Presentation Evening
Agency Applicants make twenty-minute presentations to the Evaluation Committee. (Bronxville School)

End May/Early June
Allocations Announced, Allocation Letters and Agreements Sent to Agencies

Each year The Community Fund sets aside money that can be used for either a specific time-limited project or to provide seed money for a new initiative. Discretionary Grants are generally a one-time grant with a maximum funding amount of $10,000.

The amount of available funds may change from year to year and is determined after funding is allocated to Member Agencies and ongoing Community Programs. Discretionary Grant Applications are accepted throughout the year as long as funding is still available and meet the specified criteria.

Discretionary Grant Policies & Procedures and Application

Applications must include the following:

1. The New York Area Common Application Form Cover Sheet
2. A 1-2 page narrative of agency and project to be funded
3. Funding Request – Specific use of the funds
4. Financials as appropriate (i.e., agency budget; project budget)
5. Plan to publicize The Community Fund’s support
6. Community Fund Agreement (where appropriate)


Youth Programs

Concordia Conservatory  – Special Needs music program $16,000
Eastchester Community Action Partnership – After School & Summer Youth Program Support $60,474
Eastchester Teen SceneOrganized programs for Teens in BET area $10,000
Tuckahoe Police Youth Programs Youth and Community Engagement $9,400

Youth Programs Subtotal $95,874

Family Services

The Bereavement CenterSupport of the Bronxville Tree House $35,000
Legal Services of the HVSubsidy legal work $42,500
Maxwell InstituteFee Subsidy Program $25,000
S.E. Consortium for Special ServicesRecreation Programs for Children Teens & Adults with Disabilities $33,000

Family Services Subtotal $135,500

Senior Services

Eastchester Senior Program & ServicesEastchester Centers & Services $53,000
Gramatan VillageFee Subsidy Program $15,330
Senior Citizens CouncilSupport for Bronxville & Tuckahoe Centers $40,000

Senior Services Subtotal $108,330

Health Services

Cancer Support TeamCancer Counseling & Support $40,000
EVACAmbulance Purchase Program $60,000
The Community Flu Shot Program At NYP Lawrence Hospital $19,000

Health Services Subtotal $119,000

Education & Prevention Services

DARE Eastchester Substance Abuse Education $9,000
DARE TuckahoeSubstance Abuse Education $4,600
Tuckahoe LibrarySummer Programming & SAT Prep Courses $32,800

Education and Prevention Services Subtotal $46,400


Micheal Frey Scholarships $9,000

Discretionary Grants $70,000

Youth Community Fund Grants $5,000

Total FY 2024 Grant Allocations . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$589,104


When you give to the Community Fund, that single check supports over 25 different nonprofits and social service agencies in your immediate community.

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